Watch: Kyle Rittenhouse Tweets Video of Him Firing Automatic Gun, Tells Biden: ‘You’re Not Coming for Our Guns’

Kyle Rittenhouse knows the importance of the Second Amendment—the right to bear arms saved his life, and his story is not unique.

In West Virginia, a woman recently stopped a potential mass shooting at a graduation party when she pulled her legal carry pistol from her purse and eliminated the gunman. In California, a homeowner recently fatally shot an armed intruder who kicked down his front door and entered his home. 

Almost two years ago, a young Kyle Rittenhouse fired his weapon to stop multiple men intent on harming him. His widely publicized trial, connected with Black Lives Matter rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020, proved embarrassing for President Biden and many media networks who claimed Rittenhouse was a ‘white supremacist and sought to make the case about racism, rather than self-defense or the Second Amendment.

These stories, and many like them, are in the headlines because Americans have the “right to bear arms.” The Second Amendment guarantees that right—it was passed in 1791 but has come under attack in recent weeks. 

Yesterday, Kyle Rittenhouse doubled down on his position that bearing arms is a Constitutionally protected right and took a swipe at President Biden and the administration’s positioning to reel in gun rights.

In a video posted a video to Twitter, Rittenhouse is shown legally firing an automatic weapon and then delivering an eight-word statement to the President:

“Joe Biden, you’re not coming for our guns.”

The words accompanying the video were an echo of the Texian rebels’

“Come and take ‘em, Joe,” Rittenhouse wrote.

The Western Journal noted that Rittenhouse’s statement is “an echo of the Texian rebels ‘Come and take it’ motto, referring to the Gonzales cannon during the Texas revolution in the 1830s.

Democrats are maneuvering to use the spike in recent shootings to revise the Second Amendment and restrict gun ownership. On May 24, President Biden telegraphed his intent when he said, “The Second Amendment is not absolute.”  

Gun rights advocates point to liberal policies, soft-on-crime mayors, high inflation, the rise in mental health issues, poor schools, and an open southern border as reasons for the uptick in crime. 

The Journal noted that the “Left blames firearm used rather than the criminal.”

Last Thursday, Biden addressed the issue, The Texas Tribune Biden saying:

“I know that we can’t prevent every tragedy. But here’s what I believe we have to do, here’s what the overwhelming majority of the American people believe we must do, here’s what the families in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas, told us we must do: We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

Many argue there are multiple problems with the President’s logic.

For example, the term “assault weapon” is both broad and vague. Every weapon is designed to assault or attack.

Injecting inflammatory and misleading terms are a favored tactic of those who are not standing on solid ground.

The Left promotes the narrative that semiautomatic rifles such as AR-15’s (a favorite target of anti-gun measures) are more dangerous than other firearms. However, outside of their ability to hold more ammo, AR-15s are not materially different from handguns, and are not responsible for most gun-related deaths in America.

Most handguns on the market today are semiautomatic. Banning every semiautomatic firearm represents a ban on the vast majority of guns. 

Gun advocates worry that America is following in the footsteps of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, who move to disarm then impose draconian restrictions on citizens’ rights in the name of public health.

President Biden called out 9mm pistols in a speech last week—inferring they should be banned. Previously, he called for a ban on all high-capacity magazines, which are generally defined as magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds.

Contrary to propaganda, the Second Amendment was not established to allow Americans access to firearms for hunting. The founders of this nation established the right as a safeguard against the rise of a tyrannical government. 

A jury acquitted Rittenhouse of all charges in late 2021. He protected himself under the rights provided him, and all Americans, in the Constitution. His video may be shocking, but as the Journal writes, “He is one of millions of Americans who will resist Biden’s tyrannical attempt to strip away those rights.”

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