Trump Threatens to Sue Pulitzer Board if New York Times, Washington Post Prizes Not Rescinded 

Former President Donald Trump hovered to sue the Pulitzer Prize Board if they don’t drop the prizes awarded to The New York Times and The Washington Post over their reporting that fueled the humbug that Trump and his crusade intrigued with Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

In a letter dated May 27 but released Tuesday, Trump wrote to Pulitzer Prize director Marjorie Miller
There’s no disagreement that the Pulitzer Board’s award to those media outlets was grounded on false and fabricated information that they published.

The continuing publication and recognition of the prizes on the Board’s website is a deformation of fact and a particular vilification that will affect in the form of action if the Board can not be converted to do the right thing on its own.
In light of fresh recent substantiation that the papers for which that prize was awarded contained easily false information that misled the public, I again call on your association to maintain its own credibility by rescinding that prize to The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Trump’s sweats come after the former President called on the board to rescind both associations ’ 2018 prizes in October and November of last time. In his most recent letter, Trump drew attention to the felonious trial of Michal Sussman, a former Hillary Clinton crusade counsel whom theU.S. Department of Justice fulfilled on charges of lying to the FBI.
Trump said

I call on your Board to pay close attention to the developments in the ongoing felonious trial of Michael Sussman, the former attorney for the 2016 Clinton crusade.Mr. Sussman is being fulfilled for lying to the FBI regarding false information purporting to show connections between me and Alfa Bank in Russia, as well as lying about approaching the FBI as a concerned citizen and hiding the fact that he was doing the bidding of the Clinton crusade and Hillary Clinton herself.
A jury that included three Clinton benefactors acquitted Sussman on Tuesday.

Trump bolstered his argument to the Pulitzer board by pressing several developments that further destroyed the Russia conspiracy narrative. For illustration, Trump refocused out that Clinton’s 2016 crusade director Robby Mook witnessed that Clinton tête-à-tête approved the decision to feed journalists false information about connections between Trump and the Russia- grounded Alfa Bank.
Trump also refocused to former Clinton crusade general counsel Marc Elisas’s admission that he hired Fusion GPS to produce the debunked Steele dossier.

Trump said the two outlets would have “ snappily discovered ” the Russia humbug’s falsity if they “ had they done indeed a modicum of journalistic disquisition. ” He went on
We gain further and further clarity with each passing day about the propaganda and lies that were pushed by the Clintons and their willing cohorts in the media about the “ conspiracy ” that noway was between me, my crusade, my administration, and the Russian government.

Trump said
Surely there must come a point where it’s simply disturbing to your association to stand by a prestigious Pulitzer Prize awarded to two contended news associations that have been conclusively and definitively complicit in posting falsehoods about me. The Pulitzer Prizes shouldn’t be known as a fake association awarding its one sterling award for patently false stories.

Trump noted that the Pulitzer board passed “ a standing process for reviewing questions about once awards ” after Trump’s first request and said the board has “ an obligation to partake with me the status of that apparently ‘ appointed commission ’ s ’ review following its contended ’ standing process. ’”
He also supplicated the Pulitzer board to “ precisely study ” DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s running of the Russian conspiracy humbug that set up McCabe “ demanded candor ” on multiple occasions.

“ I again call on you to rescind the Prize you awarded grounded on blatantly fake, depreciatory and scandalousnews. However, we will see you in court, ” Trump concluded, If you choose to not do so.

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