Karine Jean-Pierre Says Joe Biden Not Interested in “Hardening Schools” Because the Problem is with Guns (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean- Pierre on Tuesday said Joe Biden isn’t interested in “ hardening seminaries ” in the fate of the mass firing at an abecedarian academy in Uvalde, Texas.

Republicans have pitched measures to beef up security at seminaries similar as single point of entry, fencing, essence sensors and fortified security.
Joe Biden and the Egalitarians are pushing back on the security proffers because their thing is to ban ordnance.

“ The problem is with ordnance, ” Karine Jean- Pierre said tp White House journalists on Tuesday.
Jean- Pierre said Joe Biden isn’t interested in making seminaries more secure.
“ There’s been discussion about hardening seminaries, that isn’t commodity that( Joe Biden) believes in, ” Jean- Pierre said.

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