January 6 Hearing: Ivanka Trump Rejected Donald Trump’s Claims the Election Was Stolen

Ivanka Trump rejected her father’s claims the 2020 election was stolen and Republican Rep. Liz Cheney claimed she had evidence the ex-president thought his Vice President Mike Pence ‘deserved’ to be hanged, according to videos and testimony from the January 6 committee’s first primetime hearing on Thursday night.

Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr also told the committee during their investigation that he thought the ‘fraud’ claims were ‘bulls***’ and his claims about rigged voting machines were ‘nonsense’ and ‘crazy stuff’.

Jared Kushner also told the committee that he thought White House Counsel Pat Cipollone’s constant threats to resign over fraud claims in the wake of January 6 were just ‘whining’ in one of a series of videos seen for the first time.

The committee laid out the series of revelations in the public hearing marking that marked 17 months of investigation and more than 1,000 interviews with Trump aides, rioters and officials who they claim were directly or indirectly involved in the riot.

Democrats opened by saying U.S. democracy is in danger, while Republicans have called the hearings a spectacle produced by a former ABC News executive and a distraction for the scandals engulfing the Biden administration.

Among the revelations, Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley on January 6 that he wanted to ‘establish a narrative’ that Trump was still in charge and ‘kill’ the suggestion that Vice President Mike Pence was ‘making all the decisions’.

Cheney said also said there was evidence Trump said Pence ‘deserved to be hanged’, criticized him for watching the riot unfold from the dining room in the White House and said multiple members of her own party -including Rep. Scott Perry – sought pardons for their own role in ‘attempting to overturn the election’. A spokesman for Perry called the claims a ‘laughable, ludicrous, and a thoroughly soulless lie’.

She added that during the hearings the public will hear about Trump cabinet members arguing that the 25th amendment should be used to remove him from office and evidence and that he didn’t call the National Guard on January 6.

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