Former Cattle Owner in Kansas Explains Freak Heat Incident That Killed Thousands of Cattle

A former cattle owner in Kansas recently shed some light on the causes behind the sudden deaths of thousands of cattle in Midwestern America.

Reports out of Kansas say that as many as 10,000 cattle may have died while temperatures reached into the triple digits

Clay Scott is a former cattle owner and resident of Kansas, and recently sat down with Daily Wire to discuss the incident, calling it a “freak of nature thing.” Scott said that this was an uncommon, but not unprecedented occurrence.

Scott said it happens, “every twenty years or so,” when the weather rapidly increases temperature. In the days before the cattle died, the Midwest had been experiencing record triple digit heat, meaning that the cattle had a hard time cooling off. Additionally, because of unusually cold temperatures in May, the cattle had yet to shed their winter coats, only adding to the difficulty for them.

“[It] was really hot, it was really humid, there was no breeze. We had a heat downburst,” which is “a rare but not uncommon spike in temperatures in the morning.”

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