Biden Touts Economic Success on Kimmel. Americans Respond.

Americans at a Garden State gas station Thursday shared their thoughts on President Biden touting the economic conditions in the U.S. during his interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

“I think inflation is really going to hurt the economy going forward,” Tom, of New Jersey, told Fox News. “Doesn’t seem to be stopping, and oil and gas, I don’t see that mitigating, so it’s going to hurt.”

But Luis, also from New Jersey, said: “I do believe we grow very fast over here in the U.S. … so I would agree somewhat with him.”

Biden’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday night marked his first network interview in 118 days. Biden promoted the success of the economy but said inflation is the “bane of our existence.”

Some were unsure about the economy’s success, but felt the everyday impact from rising prices.

“I’m not sure how great the economy is going,” Hemish, of Brooklyn, said. “But I do know inflation is very high and everybody is frustrated.”

Inflation rose to a 40-year record high in 2022, according to the Department of Labor.

“Times are really tough right now with the gas prices going up, and every item when I go food shopping is 20% more post-COVID,” Kathy, a New Jersey resident, told Fox News.

During the spot with the comedian, Biden took a swipe at former President Trump, teased potential executive orders regarding abortion and said the White House has had major successes that it hasn’t communicated well.

Tom said he couldn’t name a major success Biden had scored.

“Nor can Joe,” Tom told Fox News. “He goes on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’—like c’mon, he’s the president of the United States. He’s desperate.”

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