Arizona State Senate Evacuated After Police Intervene as Pro-Choice Protestors Emerge In Front of Building

The Arizona State Senate Building in Phoenix was evacuated on Friday after police deployed tear gas at demonstrators.

A video posted on social media by Republican State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita shows dozens of people protesting outside the government building in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Other videos by a bystander show law enforcement standing near the building’s windows while firing tear gas into the crowd.

According to a tweet by the Arizona Senate Republican Caucus, ‘pro-abortion protestors violently tried to enter’ the building and law enforcement intervened. They also added that the Senate was secure and safe.
AP reports that this incident caused lawmakers to shelter in the basement for roughly 20 minutes before they had to flee the building due to the tear gas fumes.

Kim Quintero, the director of communications with the Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus told Insider they were anticipating protests due to the Supreme Court decision, so there was an increased presence of law enforcement.

Quintero said protestors gathered around 6 p.m. As they were walking toward the building, she said a sergeant locked the door and Republican Senate President Karen Fann called a recess.

“Everyone was safe and no one was able to breach the building,” Quintero told Insider.

Senators had to relocate to another area of the Capitol to finish their session as they voted on final bills, such as a school choice bill.

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